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COPA For KIDS in Penticton - Sunday May 5, 2013


This year we had another successful event in Penticton. Perfect weather brought out 75 kids and many parents to spend a few hours at the airport. Thanks to the many volunteers who came out to help we could fly all the kids with the six Cessna aircraft available.

The registration desk with Claire Festel, Gay Soutter, Marsha Harrichhausen and Sonia Root - thanks for your help!

Don is leading the pilot and volunteer briefing before we start flying - it's good to see that we have so many willing volunteers who come out to help!

The line-up of 6 Cessna aircraft, left to right: C.177, C.172, C.182, C.150, C.172 and C.180 - thanks to all the pilots who came out to support this great event!

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