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Club Aircraft

The Penticton Flying Club owns, operates and maintains a 1971 Cessna 172L with the registration C-GBFB.


BFB is available for rent to those members who have met all necessary insurance and PFC club requirements.

Club Plane three way pricing structure:

    •  There is a non refundable initiation fee of $2000

    •  Monthly charge of $65 for fixed costs

    •  Hourly wet rate of $140 per TACH hour (no taxes)

        (rate current as of January 1, 2022)

The one time initiation fee of $2000 is non refundable/tradable

The Monthly charge of $65 includes the yearly Penticton Flying Club dues of $75, $15 for maintenance, Aircraft Parking Fees, Aircraft Insurance and leftover will go into the Aircraft Improvement account.

The Hourly wet rate of $140 is split between the Engine Overhaul Account $25, Fuel Account $60 and the Maintenance Account $55

All aircraft bookings are made via the online web based

booking system Flight Circle.


Currently, 17 club members are actively flying the club plane and we have a few more pilots who might join in the near future.


For more information on how to join the club plane go to the Contact page or come to our regular monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of every month at 19:00 held at the clubhouse located at 126 Dakota Way, just off Airport Road.

Downloads (pdf):

Click to book BFB


The 1971 Cessna 172L C-GBFB as she was passing the flight test at Pincher Creek, AB prior to purchase on June 6, 2011. She flew straight and level and came home with us . . . ;-) It has turned out to be a very good decision to buy a club aircraft  'BFB' has taken members to many great destinations and $100 breakfasts. BFB also helped to attract a number of new members to the Penticton Flying Club!  We welcome inquiries ... check us out !


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